Aug 27, 2009

Murano glass

Once I was on an art-fair, with a large quantity  of hand-made stuff, made by artists and simply talented people. There I found beautiful earrings made of murano glass. Technologically it is blown glass, empty inside. It is fantastic - the scattering of beads looks like magic sweets or bubbles. 
These beads can be worn on their own or in composition with each other, or, as I have it - like earrings:
These made by Shesterneva Elena.
Returning to colour combinations I like so much - pink-pistachio-dark blue - according to ElleDecor this Kate Spade's small vases will be on top this fall!
And as I could remember fashion trends,we'll also have a colourful fall this year:

Porcelain addiction

My eternal love - Wedgwood porcelain tableware collection by Barbara Barry  - "Musical chairs". Barbara Barry is one of the world famous interior designers (Savoy and Berkeley hotels in London, accessories for Baccarat etc.).

Collection of cups and plates is absolutely wonderful, it's a full tea set with Barry's iconic furniture designs.I would like to have this set for afternoon tea with friends and for myself alone, enjoying refined taste of tea from a porcelain cup. As a huge fan of tea making and tasting I notice that porcelain cups and teapots gives tea a special taste,which cannot be repeated in usual faience cups.

Colour combinations

Speaking about IKEA - they have many great ideas and good designers. I've bought this small wool rug some time ago, attracted by its colourful stripes, which  goes well with my bedroom interior. Then I looked at it and realised that its stripes makes a lot of well-looking combinations , that can be used in different ways. As the carpet lays near my wardrobe - I use it to compose outfits and put my clothes in order of approaching to each other by colour. My favourites are smooth pink&brown, cherry&blue&pistachio, brown&green, vivid pink&dark blue.


This summer I suddenly get inspired to pink (mostly pastel shades of it), and blue (turquoise) was my great love long before. New  IKEA collection of home accessories (vases&bottles) has a great range of pieces I like. All of them could be combined with each other in different ways to bring a light and calm mood.

Aug 26, 2009

First comes a home

Beautiful and fashionable house, on a lakefront about an hour outside Detroit.
I like those types of open-spaced homes: large windows, combination of wood and stone in outer decoration. Also there's always great landscapes out of the house and lot of light in it.

Pity that it wouldn't work in a city like Moscow, too cold and closed.